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Is Stretching Good For You?

Does stretching prevent injuries?

There has traditionally been a back and forth as to whether stretching is good or bad for you. I would like to clear this up. We will look at two different types of stretches that are most commonly prescribed; Static stretching and Dynamic Stretching. Static stretching is when you stand, sit or lie still and hold a single position for period of time. Dynamic stretches are  active movements where joints and muscles go through a full range of motion,usually used before exercise as a warm-up.

Static stretching benefits:

  • Improves flexibility
  • Lowers the risk of sustaining musculotendinous injuries especially with high-intensity activities
  • Increases Range of Motion (ROM)

Static Stretching  Drawbacks:

  • Aggressive static stretching can decrease strength and power output if performed immediately prior to competition
  • Static stretching prior to competition does not appear to decrease the rate of sports related injuries.
  • Static stretching is commonly practiced, but allocated time may be better used on more beneficial training modes such as dynamic warm-up, plyometrics, skill acquisition, and strength training.

Dynamic Stretching Benefits:

  • Dynamic stretching appears to improve performance and confer more pre-competition benefits than static stretching.
  • Dynamic warm ups and strength training programs do appear to decrease the rates of sports related injuries.
  • The increase of body heat and blood flow loosens muscles and tendons
  • It prepares the muscles by practicing the movements that will be required of them
  • Increases ROM

Dynamic Stretching Drawbacks:

  • Just like any other form of exercise, dynamic stretching can be dangerous if used incorrectly
  • Can decrease performance and tire out muscles if performed too rigorously

So, is stretching good for you?

Yes, using short duration static stretching as part of a dynamic warm up routine can lower the risk of injuries. So stretch away!


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