Ergonomics Assessments

Our ergonomics assessment methodology  will enhance workplace health and safety. They prevent employees from developing musculoskeletal disorders or repetitive work injuries. Our simple 3-step approach to improved ergonomics applies to various industries and to companies of all sizes and scope.

Bespoke Physiotherapy and Back & Body support programs

Imagine not having the hassle of traveling to your physiotherapist before or after work! Our corporate programs provide bespoke treatments and rehabilitation programs on site for your employees. Individual employees are assessed and treated for any potential injury that the employee may be concerned about. We also provide group workshops to inform employees about proper back care through posture correction and stretching.

Corporate Chair Massage

Often regarded as a cost effective employee benefit, corporate chair massages have proven to increase productivity, reduce stress  and prevent work-related injuries. Our on site chair massages are non-intrusive and can be given in any workplace and in any size of company.